Philosopher King Jormungandr Picture

Jormungandr is the second Philosopher King (see here: [link]) of the Western dragons. In addition to being the largest dragon ever to live (though his size was also exaggerated, with some myths even claiming he could cover half the world in his coils), Jormungandr was also one of the oldest and wisest. His philosophy was one of avoidance, claiming that dragonkind's only hope to survive the wrath of mankind was to cling to the areas where humanity could not tread. As such he spent most of his time beneath the sea, well beyond the domain of humanity. His philosophy was probably the least popular amongst dragonkind, though those who followed it tended to live fairly successful, peaceful, and long lives.

Jormungandr's artwork took six sheets of paper, and his coils still ended up looking lumpy. His head looks good, though. He is also my favorite mythological dragon, because seriously, the Midgar serpent is boss.
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