Warframe - Vulcanus Redo-Sketch Picture

Theme: Earth/Volcanic and Greek/Roman Warrior

Role: Defender/Area Denial

Short Bio: Inspired by the Elements of old Warriors of mythology, and the gods of the old world, Vulcanus utilizes the elements inherent in the world around him to devastate his foes with crushing attacks, and deny his enemies the chance to retreat, forcing them to face the Tenno, much in the same way of the legends of Old Earth.

Vulcanus is a fusion of several different styles. Mixing contemporary Tenno armour designs, with those of the old world myths. Myths of powerful, battle-hardened warriors whose steel wills forged nations and destroyed armies. By harnessing Void Energy to manipulate molten rock, Vulcanus can manipulate the battle field in a multitude of ways, often forcing his opponents to face him on the field of honour rather than from behind cover. Those who refuse to fight Vulcanus, are fit only to die a coward's death.

It is thus that Vulcanus Stands firm on the battle field, forming a vicious bulwark for any Cell he is a part of.
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