One Old Perkele Picture

¤ ... Perkele was a thunder god in old Finnish mythology. Lately got a secondary meaning as a devil/satan too. Nowadays it's common swear word. ... ¤

Anyways, this old Perkele...looks evil and hates modern times.
Hundreds of years ago Finland had its own gods and so, Perkele was respected because of his great thundering. He, though, respected his believers too and everything was about fine.
But things changed when Christianity church arrived. Perkele lost his people in his own land. Of course the all-timed thundergod wasn't happy. And those churches even dared to be so high, near his sky.
So by time Perkele has burnt down many churches during history of Finland. Lightnings reached those rude churches easily. Like revenge, the people of this new religion gave Perkele devilish meaning.
Perkele is still around. He hates Christianity and its churches, but won't leave his eternal land of far away from everything else. (It can't be seen too well but the magenta stone of the silver cross is shattered in Perkele's claws.)

...Um yea. And this story is based the reality and existing myths much more than my explanations usually do. |p
(Whole thing started when I tried doodle something random, then its horns started from cheek and curved over the head...then I had Perkele. xp )

Coloured pencils.
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