Leviathan Picture

Leviathan called for a pretty drastic redesign. His first one was way too simple compared to his brothers. So I gave him some frills, armor on his belly, and a darker color scheme.

This picture does not show his iridescent bio-lights, which I use to represent this Biblical dragon's "a thousand eyes that glow like stars" (that wasn't a direct quote). Granted, Leviathan isn't the same as the dragon/demon of Christianity, since the universe he (and most if not all of my characters) inhabits has its own mythology (the religions we know are present in this universe; they're just not factually accurate), but he is the dragon that INSPIRED that dragon's myth. Make sense?

By the by, if you are wondering why I decided to have my stories inhabit a universe with a different mythology than any religion yet not make it atheistic, it's because I want my stories to be fun for the whole species homo sapiens. Since they do tend to get a bit lofty on the fantasy front (by "lofty" I mean they tend to invoke storylines dealing with the workings of the universe), I needed to make a mythology of my own so I wouldn't have to depend on any current or deceased religions. Does that make sense?

Oh, I forgot to talk about big L's personality. Imagine him as a very faithful dog with ADD and the ability to shape the sea. And yes, he is astronomically huge.
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