Its my Nature Picture

Once Upon a time a young princess was walking through a forest when she came across a snake
the snake said to the young princess
'your majesty please help me im cold and i need to be in the sun or i will die could you please carry me to the sunlight so i might live'
the young princess thinking this was not a good idea because the snake was very poisenous said
'but if i pick you up you might bite me then i will die im sorry but i will not help you'
so the snake replied in a cojoling voice
'if i was to bite you then who would help me and the i would die too'
the pincess thinking this was a very good argument picked up the snake and as she picked it up it bit her, and with her dieing breath she asked the snake why
and the snake replied
'Because it is my Nature'

ever heard this myth its appropriate for me right now
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