Doth the Siren Sings Picture

Doth the siren sings.
The siren is a mythical beast who is often portrayed as
a half bird, half human but on occasion a full woman..
They are known for singing and drawing men from their
boats to dive into the water, full of lust, then crashing
onto the rocks of the shore, dooming them to die.
There are many myths that sirens and nymphs are the
same thing but in the history I have learned from reading
greek mythology books in school and from stories passed
down to me, the reason the sirens were banished to the
island as these horrible birds was because the Sirens
challenged the Nymphs to a contest to see who had the
most beautiful voice and the nymphs won.. thus the
sirens sings, always calling out in hatred towards the
nymph, still tring to prove they are better....

If anyone can find that exact story onlimne i would
appreciate it because I lost it and I havent been able
to find it since --. Anywho, I really just thought for
some reason of how beautiful this picture was and
see..When i think purple I think siren... Maybe i'm
just odd.. just as when i think seafoam or aqua I
think nymph????? -hides- Im strange..I know it!!!


Model: Me
Photographer: Me
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