Dragon-Electric: Raijin Dragon Picture

My submission for the smogon.com Create-A-Pokemon 8, this time the concept was an electric dragon type, with an underused ability.


Though a ground faring dragon, this Pokémon is commonly associated with the weather. It is able to predict a storm before the clouds even form, and follows the paths of developing storms, sounding its drums. It's drums beat to give others warning to the impending danger of a fierce storm, the drums themselves resounding with as much power as real thunder.

It emits an Electro-Magnetic Repulsion (Shield Dust) field generated from the electricity that can form in its drums, this field can sometimes be strong enough to repel water droplets in the rain. This field can also be focused to allow the Pokémon to levitate for a brief time.

Despite it's fierce looking nature, if it finds lost Pokémon in a storm, it will use it's hood as shelter for them, bearing the elements to keep them safe.

A quirky fact about this Pokémon is that it slithers vertically going up and down as opposed to horizontal side-winding.


I wanted to do something a bit more epic this time, and some of the most epic of mythology center around Thunder and Lightning. Dragons have a fantasy quality associated with them in Pokémon, much more so than the other types, and as such they tend to lean a bit more towards "mythology" than the others. But looking to myths for inspiration I found that many representations of electrical phenomena in mythology had "weapons" (Zeus, Odin, Chaac and the like). So I opted for something that was more of a prop, and went for Raijin (with a little bit of Chaac thrown in).

Raijin is the Japanese god of thunder, he characterized by being a demon with a circle of drums that created thunder (Chaac is a reptilian/snakelike thunder/rain god of the Mayans). In doing so I chose a more snakelike body as opposed to the quadrupedal one I had before. The cobra hood made it distinct and is supposed to give a nod to the Naga king that used his hood to shelter Buddha from the rain and elements (Mucalinda).

I have always liked Dragonair, and I mean no offense when I say that I was disappointed when it turned into a pudgy Dragonite, the serpentine body was very cool to me, I wanted a cool serpentine dragon because currently there are none outside of Rayquaza.

*EDIT* Everytime I look at my poor Raijin Dragon the laziness involved with my making the Mitsu Tomoe bothers me a lot. I finally sat down and took the time to make Tomoe that look right and gave this guy a small touch up too! To those who preferred the old one, sorry! But as consolation here's a tidbit of knowledge that may make it into another piece of work with this guy: the marking on Raijin Dragon's hood (like a cobra hood has a marking) is a yellow mitsu tomoe that gives rise to the three wings.
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