Odin the AllFather Picture

Odin the AllFather, personal version~

I wanted to have him not look venerable and granfathery, I wanted him to look like a warrior... I don't like the fact he is usually depicted like some sort of Santa Claus with a spear, as I don't like the fact he usually looks awfully older than the other gods: they all eat Idun's apples, so they ALL look quite young.

what do you think? ;3



this is MY interpretation of Norse Mythology, and even if I'm trying to stick as much as I can to the Edda, I DO NOT WISH FOR IT TO BE A FAITHFUL DEPICTION!

so if you feel offended because the hair color of a god is not the one you always imagined it to be, because the relationship between two divine beings is slightly different than the one you find in myths or things like that PLEASE KEEP YOUR OPINIONS TO YOURSELF.

still I'm open to civil interactions with people willing to show me different versions of the myths I know or willing to share their personal views on some passages of the Edda or on the imaginary surrounding some deities, every mature person is more than welcomed to discuss with me on those matters.

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