Three not headed Dog Adoptable #9 (CLOSED) Picture

updated: added AB, i love him alright elele

tbh, i getting addicted with this XD ROFL, i mean ginjika myth-yep //dED
Say hello to actually second/third of summon series, where all these adopts are based on myth itself with a bit tweak here and there XD more exact

Summon Series: Spiritual Creature/monster based on various mythology used for summoning purposes. They usually offer their help to human in exchange of the human's soul or blood. However, For the rare creature , human itself have to fight against them to ensure if the new upcoming master are worthy enough to use the them. While they resembles the look of the myth they based of, what distinguish them from the others is that they have marking on their chest, usually consist of tribal tattoo with gem on it. The larger the tattoo or the more precious the gem attach to it, the more rare it gets.

yyeeee so yeah this time is Cerberus, i might add headshot for him if i have time. But for now say, hello to our hell-hound, Cerberus.
Info bout Cerberus
1) Being hell creature, he's also develop different eye for both side
2) Almost as rebellious as Fenrir, he's also have collar on his neck as well on both of hands.
3) Usually three headed-dog, this Cerberus developed three lives and three half-scaled tails .
4) His ability usually triple-based, hence triple cast, triple attack, triple defence in one go.


SB: $15 or 1500
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