Lilith Picture

"So God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them."

Keep in mind that this passage in Genesis occurs before Eve is formed from Adam's Rib. According to folk tradition, the first woman, Lilith, was formed out of clay just as Adam was, created by God so that Adam wouldn't be alone.

Adam, however, wanted to be "on top" and superior to Lilith, a concept she was not at all down with. After he badgered her for a while, she spoke the name of God and flew into the air, out of Eden, and into the surrounding deserts.

Adam complained to God, God sent three angels to bring Lilith back, and declared that if she refused to return, she must allow 100 of her children to be slain every day.

The angels found Lilith and tried to take her into custody, but she proved too strong for them (she kicked their asses). Thus, she was bound to sacrifice 100 of her children.

Later, she would become a monster, a blood-drinking, child-murdering demon. 100 of her demon spawn would perish each day, something I'm sure would cause any mother to snap.

Eve was created from Adam's rib as a replacement.

Keep in mind this story is not biblical, but part of the apocryphal body of writings.

A funky and interesting myth.

In this image, Lilith cradles her child while Adam, remote and indistinct, communes with God. All is calm and peaceful.

The model for Lilith comes from Auroradreams. You can find her beautiful work at this [link]

My goal was to create the softer side of this mythological woman.
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