Rutting Unicorn Picture

Here is a picture of a male Unicorn rutting for the right to mate with females. This design has taken me a while and although it may not seem accurate to a unicorn in popular mythology let me quickly explain my theory, which takes on the original sightings of this legendary animal.

Unicorns have always bee described as having a horses body, a deer’s legs and a lions tail. It is usually shown as a horse with a horn, however it has cloven (split) hooves: which place it in the deer family. However! It has a horn that does not shed annually like a deer: which makes it more closely related to a cow or antelope…

Right… so what about the red face?

Well, the first documentation of a unicorn described it with a red face, however no other documentations or artworks show this… why? My explanation is that the red face is hormonal, occurring in males in the mating seasons where two bulls will compare each others strength with their bright red faces and horns while competing for the cows attention. So younger males have brighter faces and are stronger than older males who’s faces are not as bright.

The original description:
“It possesses a mane and reddish hair… it excels in swiftness. Like an elephant it has spatulated feet and has a boar’s tail and one black horn projecting from its eyebrows, not awkwardly, but with a certain twist and terminating at a sharp point. It has, of all animals, the best and most contentious voice.”

So… confusing, but it works and in the end the majority of myths are solved about this creature, leaving a accurate, although not very attractive creature. The Unicorn. Maybe I’m right, maybe I’m not… then again maybe I think too much… I’ll let you decide.
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