Order and mysticism are strange bedfellows Picture

There are two things I think you should know about this whole situation.
One, that the Tarot thing, how it started, was my mothers doing.
Though I suppose it would have happened nonetheless.
And two, the tarot card known as Death is not the worst in the deck.
Oh no.

He was born with autism, though it took a few years to diagnose when his mother finally got worried about how little attention he paid to hearing his name. He was disinterested in most things, only seeming to float along on an eddy. It was only when he was five and saw his mother and auntie indulging in a little mysticism with a pack of worn Tarot cards, that something caught him.
It was something, while whimsical, solid and ordered; 78 cards, 14 in a suit, page, knight, queen, king. And of course then there was the major arcana.
They could be rearranged, shuffled but then structured into different forms. Idea into fact. It was almost mathematical.
As soon as she saw the joy on the boys face, his mother snatched the cards from the table and showed them to him one by one, explaining each meaning, each myth.
It was the Queen of cups, with her soft loving gaze that taught him to smile.

This fellow still doesn't have a name, suggestions are welcome. This is an idea for my final project. I wanted to do something based on autism and mythology.

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