MH OC - Luke Lucky Rulle Picture

Didn't I say someday I would upload my new babies?

Meet the first one.

Luke "Lucky" Rulle (His last name is spelled "rulaa" btw) Son of a Trickster and my most obnoxious baby of all I created... like, really. And he has the most ORIGINAL FULL NAME EVER---- ("Lucky" is just his nick, letting you know...)

I just wanted him to be called luke... is that bad?

Firstly, he was suppose to be the god's loki.html">Loki from nordic mythology son, but, since I'm quite loyal to mythology in some aspects I didn't want him to be his "son"... completely.

Because, well, you know... all the Ragnarok and punishment thing with the snake's poison... yeah.

So I let him like son of a Trickster, because Loki is said to be one himself. In my whole imagination, Luke is more like a descendant from one of all the possible human babies Loki could have, because well... he was also well known for being quite a... manwhore/slut? lol?

So... yeeeahhh...

BTW, All his bio is full of Loki's myths references and parodies LOL, like:
-His favourite food being Salmon. I read that, Loki tried to hide in the form of a Salmon and the gods capture him with a fishing net... yes, I know what you are thinking...
-The Rainbow. No, it's not exactly because Lucky is gay (he is gay) it's more like a "im-the-only-that-will-find-this-funny" joke. The Ragnarok myth says (at least, what I researched) that the one that will beat Loki's ass in the end of the cosmos battle is going to be Heimdall. God of light and guard of Bifrost. None of them will survive though, but both gods are said to be total enemies. So. Lucky's parents dont like the "rainbow" thing because of reasons.
-The pets Lucky mentions are from Loki's myths too. The pony is Sleipnir. The dog is Fenrir. And the snake is Jörmungandr. I couldn't choose a pet for him so... I did this lol.
-His last name means "Liar" in Norwegian. Loki was also known as a total liar. So... yeah!

I felt like explaining those... because I found them funny, I dunno... Im simple as hell.

BTW, I know some of you will be like "he looks so normie like", well, it was completely intentioned. It's part of his backstory.

But Im not telling you, for now ;''D

Thanks for reading, if you did, sorry for the long and annoying description. Hope you like him~!

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And I think that's all D:

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