Diarmuid X the giant boar Picture

I had to make a "mythology" themed ilustration a while ago. I found my sister's Celtic mythology book sitting around and decided to check. Jumping from myth to myth I found Diarmuid's myth. I actually found about the boar first, but their fight was best described in Diarmuid's bit. *SPOILER* They both lose XD
Decided to finish it just now for class, where we have to recontextualize a myth. We probably can't just draw, but whatever, teacher wasn't there when I went to ask her, so she'll have to take it. I was (clearly) inspired by the Shadow of the Colossus' aesthetics and designed the giant boar to look somewhat like a colossus. The colors, angle and everything else are also intended to remind of the game.
Done in watercolors and A3 sized paper (had to scan in 3 parts, ugh!)
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