Week 14 - greek goddess Picture

Last week I went to see an exhibition with two dear friends and they ended up talking about Greek Mythology as always xD They told me I should paint the Olympic Gods & Goddesses and the Ancient Greece's myths, and, even if I told them to shut up (I wanted to see that exhibition in silence! xD), I liked the idea, so this week I started with a first idea for the goddess Hera

I'm not totally convinced and this is more a 'trial concept' than the final version, but... well, I wanted to add three elements: the veil, the peacock feathers, and the white arms (one of Hera's nicknames was about her white arms, so I wanted to make them look different from the rest of her skin, with a shinny touch). Oh, and the fearsome, arrogant face too <3
As I said, it ended up being a trial, so the lines, colours and all are a bit messy... what do you think? Do you like to see a series about Greek Goddesses? :3

Watercolour & gold painting on paper, 21x9cm
Hope you like it!
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