Diana Picture

Nowadays everything that we can refer to as the awaken spiritual part of humanity comes from the culture of ancient civilizations which once inhabited the Earth. Through myths and legends they tell us about their lives and customs, their
beliefs and how they connect the life here and the afterlife. They use such rich language and philosophies that now in these pragmatic times they seem like a beautiful fiction. This well of "living water" which is right on the borders of the real and the imaginary world is an original mixture of literary characters, gods, mortals as well as beautiful landscapes and epic battles between good and evil. To put it shortly- in our history the gods act like people because they are seen and described by the people themselves.

Unfortunately for us little by little this well of wisdom is running dry. By killing Nature we also kill the gods with who we speak. We remain alone in the deserts. Deserts of arrogance and self ignorance. Sands of egoism where the main role is played only by death... In a irreversibly gone and forever lost past and future of the humans... This is how I made "Diana". I could have written more but who is going to draw!
P.S. Dear friends of dA, ten of you who write me something on this or other mythological topic will receive an original copy of "DIANA". You can also participate in this modest(
Technique: Etching
Size: 124x90mm
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