JUS Goku Neo Saga Sprites [Original Design] Picture


This is my "revamp" of Goku, but I wanted to do more than his original attire. I searched throughout the internet, learning more about the Japanese mythology and the story of the "Monkey king" and other Monkey myths; which I believe is the origin of Goku's original design in Dragonball. All of the Japanese mythology dealing with monkeys all had the fundamental traits; had a tail, rode on clouds, and fought with a staff. Some characters like Sonson from Capcom went a step further with the transformation into a giant ape.

The challenge was to create an attire that kept the mythological tradition but still felt like it was a part of Dragonball Z/GT. Along with changing his Gi, or training clothes, I added Japanese waist armor to show how it ties into my mythological research.

Transformations: Normal with and without Staff, SSJ 1-2, SSJ 3, SSJ 4, and Saiyan God mode.

I take full credit for the creation of these sprites; since I have made them by hand. But I give credit to the creator of Dragon Ball/Dragonball Z/Dragonball GT, Funimation and Shomen Jump for Goku. I do not claim Goku as my character.
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