Loki the Trickster Picture

Loki, the trickster god of norse mythology.

While his father and mother were the jöttuns Fárbauti and Laufey, he was adopted by the other Aesir and considered one of them. His role in the myths often involves him solving whatever problems he’s caused the gods, or otherwise aiding them. It was his escalating gamble with two pair of dwarven smiths that resulted in Thor getting his legendary hammer Mjölnir, along with items such as Odin’s spear Gungnir, Freyr his boar Gullinbursti, and Sif golden hair as a replacement for Loki cutting her hair off from the start.

Loki was also a skilled shapeshifter, and the father of Hel, ruler of Nifelheim, the giant wolf Fenrir and the snake Jörmungandr by the jöttun Angrboda, and Narfi and Nari by the aesir Sigvyn.

After that Loki caused the death of Odin’s son Baldr, the gods bound him under a snake that dripped its venom into his eyes. There he would remain fettered until Ragnarök, where he and the god Heimdall would kill each other in battle.


... Is it overly obvious I stayed away from making him look like MCU-Loki? Almost borderline joke on how he'll be mixed up with the fire god Logi. I'm sorry, I fail.

It was fun to paint a environment more familliar to me. Aw yeh for dark, gloomy, overly mossy spruce and pinetree forests.

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