P+B: Mythology Picture

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Last year, BBC Radio 4 put on a play to commemorate the death of C.S. Lewis. I was touched by the scene in 'The Lonely Road' when Tolkien turned the "red-hot atheist" Lewis round by comparing the Christian myth to those of the Norse and the Greeks.

I don't think one needs to believe in the literal truth behind the deeds of Herakles and Jason and Theseus and Jesus to be inspired by them. I know some people who do (believe that Jesus is the son of God, not necessarily the other stuff), who are inspired to do kind, wonderful, amazing things.

And I know others who can't see past the suffering brought about by those same beliefs - suffering like homosexual children growing up to hate themselves despite their parents' love, even to take their own lives, couples who fear God's supposed views on contraception more than the future suffering of the children they can't afford to raise, victims of abuse who resort to back-street abortions because their country doesn't see fit to provide a sterile environment and trained professionals to perform what is, at the best of times, a dangerous operation...

Who's right? I don't know. There's two issues here -
1) what are the literal facts that a religion states?
2) what are the actions that a religion recommends, the culture it creates, and is it one that we want?
and Richard Dawkins (brilliant zoologist though he is) keeps confusing them and it's annoying.
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