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If, every time in 'Game of Thrones', someone mentions direwolves, you shout 'It's a really good wolf' in your head, I find it relieves a little of the unrelenting misery which is the hallmark of the series.

If that's what you're after, anyway.

Here are my interesting thoughts about Jormungandr

He is patterned like an adder, because the adder, or European viper, is one of the most widespread snakes, and even pops up in Scandinavia and just about everywhere else across the European landmass, so it is clearly a Northern snake, and the markings are pretty, anyway.

Talking of adders, it's actually illegal in the UK to kill, harm, or sell adders, probably due to Adder being the favourite character of anyone with any sense who read The Animals of Farthing Wood

But back to the giant myth snake: Jormungandr should be a while over 8,000 miles long in order to go around the Earth and still have enough left over of his tail for him to be able to chew. He is also probably around the Equator, as, Northern snake or not, that's where he'll be warmest, and how can you deny a snake that sweet his comforts?

Anyway, that is all I have to say about this, and now we should all get on with our lives and try and put this ridiculous business behind us.

Characters (c) Mythology, Marvel and the human unconsciousness.
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