hallowtaur auction! (done) Picture

god, i know i'm cutting it pretty close, but i'm super excited to share these with you *-* some centaur designs based off horses from mythology!

Kelpie - a solitary water demon from scotland, usually taking the form of a pale horse, but able to morph into human shape. they've been said to entice people onto their backs by singing, before taking them into the lake where they live and drowning them.
a drowned but cognizant being, she's constantly dripping with water wherever she goes. she doesn't talk, but sings beautifully; she seems to feel lonely, and often goes out seeking new friends, though her waterlogged memory cannot seem to recall that person friends, unlike her, do need to breathe.
SB: $25
HB: $31 won by IrishBumblebee
AB: $100

Dullahan - or "the headless horseman", an unseelie faerie from celtic folklore. they carry their own severed heads under one arm and use a human spine for a whip; they only stop riding where and when someone is due to die.
despite her vicious smile, she's not a cruel character, if a bit prone to schadenfreude. to be honest, she'd like a good battle with someone; but if she stops running, her opponent dies in short order, and it's just a disappointment every day. her whip is a horse's spine, and she claims that the ribbons in her tail are the severed lifelines of the people she halts before.
SB: $25
HB: $30 won by MrStitchez
AB: $100

Hunter - sorry, i've failed, there's no myth here, though the idea was loosely inspired by the wendigos of north american myth, which are cannibalistic beings
she was pieced through the heart but didn't die, instead stealing the bow of the person who made her prey. now she whips through the forest, spreading her own fate to others; many hunters have tried to bring her down, but despite a body swiftly decaying to dust, she remains relentless. she plucks the arrows from her hide and uses them for ammunition, but never touches the arrow that originally killed her, leaving it lodged in her heart.
SB: $25
HB: $30 won by finchlings
AB: $100

i know the AB is really high, but the last batch went so quickly and it's such a short auction anyway, i'm hoping for some bids!

- Paypal only, please!
- Please be ready to pay within 24 hours, or your adoptable will go back up for sale!
- You can do whatever you like with the design after you buy it, change stuff around, gift or trade it, etc! please do not resell for more than you paid, however!
- Winners get unwatermarked image, 2x this size. (they look pretty good, guys.)

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