Eponia Bagwyn Pony Picture

Much is disputed about this ancient species of pony. Bagwyn first of all, were among some of the first ponies discovered living natively in Eponia long ago mostly in Gallopolis, and are said to have their own myths and legends about the land, said to be even older than the long-held pantheons that currently dominates the culture of much of Eponia today. No one is sure however how these horned equines even came to be, some claiming they are perhaps the descendants of ponies and goats or cows inter-breeding long ago, while others believe they may be the ancestors of their horned cousins, the Pegasos. Others claim still though, that, according to the Bagwyn ponies themselves, that they are the grand-desendants of a being they refer in hushed tones as Tirek. Regardless of their differing culture and appearance however, Bagwyns are otherwise fairly social and friendly ponies, actively participating and blending in with the day to day life of other ponies and creatures throughout the land.

Bagwyn ponies are based on the-well, Bagwyn, a horned horse-like creature of heraldric mythology with a little sprinkling of Gen.1 Tirek into their mythos. Also despite their horns, like Pegasos and any earth pony, they can't use magic.
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