The Four Seasons Robe Picture

Original Title: The Woman with the Four Seasons Robe

Well, I'm in the process of writing a myth for my mythology class and this is my main character. I'll probably colour this within the near future, and I'll likely post the myth when it's finished too. And in case you haven't guessed from her expression, the myth will be a sad one. I've modeled the main character on a ukiyoe painting of a geisha or tayuu, because these performing women would often portray mythical roles. And ukiyoe has a remarkable ability to display sorrow.

As for her kimono...
In my gallery I've talked a lot about how important seasonal motifs are on kimonos. Well, here I've designed a kimono with motifs from all four seasons. There's snow covered pine and bamboo for winter, turning maple leaves and chrysanthemums for fall, running water, willow branches, and folding fans for summer, wysteria, cherry blossoms and irises for spring and cranes to tie the entire year together.

Prints of this piece are for sale in my Etsy shop: [link]
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