Asvienis Picture

After reading some Vedic myths, I was fascinated by similarities I found between Hindu and Baltic mythologies.

Ašvieniai are divine twins in the Lithuanian mythology identical to Latvian Dieva deli and direct counterparts of Vedic Ashvins. Though, in Lithuanian mythology they stayed in the form of horses, while in Vedas they had antropomorphic form(I guess it was usual evoliution of religion from zoomorphic to athropomorpic...). Old Lithuanian ašva and Sanskrit ashva mean "horse", and ashvienis means `born out of horse`. In Lithuania name `Ašva` is also quite common hydronym.
In Lithuanian mythology Ašvieniai are represented as pulling carriage of Saulė (the Sun) through the sky. It is always a pair of white horses.
Ašvieniai are also related to Lithuanian Ūsinis and Latvian Ūsiņš (cf. Vedic Ushas), gods of horses.

Acrylics on canvas.
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