Zekyuram Picture

There is a story on the other side of the world about how a pair of twins met a dragon which shaped Unova. This myth states these twins eventually came to a division between their desires, and the dragon, no longer able to agree to one master, divided itself into two, one representing truth, and one representing ideals. The story's all but faded into myth until those two people revived the two dragons, Reshiram and Zekrom, with their ideas for unifying the people of Unova. The F.U.S.E. Corporation took this news with great interest, as well as me.

Of course, you know there is a third dragon outside of Reshiram and Zekrom, named Kyurem. Its presence is strange compared to the opposites that are the two primary dragons. I hypothesize it is the remainder of the original, unified dragon that still had a sense of self, and did not divide to one of the twins. Using this hypothesis, I went to work on developing a possible reunification of these dragons.

And thus, this is my concept art for their combined state. No longer polarized, Zekyuram resembles not out of Yin, Yang, or Wuji, but something more in the middle. Instead of channeled energies of fire or lightning, or the absence of energy in the form of ice, it would be more middle-ground in such powers.

I've come up with two possible palettes for Zekyuram's design.


OOC: I had to make up a lack of sprites somehow, and this idea's been in my mind for a while. So, I took their ideas and blended them.

I'm not that great at design, so it doesn't look that similar or different from the originals. I blame Reshiram for being the oddball and creating such a wolfish look.
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