Divine Androgyne: Egypt Picture

I found this old sketch wedged in my notebook and felt like posting it. A reason I find androgyny so fascinating is that many important gods (and people) of ancient religion and myth were androgyne/hermaphroditic. The concept also makes a lot of sense to me.
Thinking about it philosophically, combining both sexes yet simultaneously transcending them into a superior unified entity is very logical for an all-powerful god or perfect being. Much better than a half complete d Probably why it was found all over the world in distant and unconnected cultures. These gods held the highest ranks in the belief systems of Egypt, Sumeria, India, Africa, Greece, Oceania, Old Europe, Pre-columbian North and South America, often being creator gods, or deities of sustinence, destruction or fertility.

The divine androgyne has been found everywhere on Earth, which makes me wonder why this formerly important archetype is so rarely seen today in the 'civilized' western world. Even the Judaic/Christian god (as well as the first human, Adam Kadmon) is described this way. So in the end, I feel this sensible reason for portraying androgyne characters, reflecting something that used to be commonplace and revered. Though most of this importance is lost to antiquity, it poses a reminder that such androgynous and other-gendered people and beliefs still exist to this day all around the world, despite living in the shadows of annoying binary sexism and social ignorance. Looking back at ancient Pre-Christian mythologies there are plenty of examples to be found.


Ok, spiel is over finally. Here are some of the major gods from Ancient Egypt. They were androgynous, I found statues/papyrii of them after consulting texts for an egyptology project: Left to right-

1- Ra: Creator god/ sun god (often represented as a sun-disc)

2- Neith : Creator, god/dess of weaving and war (usually depicted as female with a bow)

3- Atum: Creator/almighty god: usually depticted as male despite having the title: "the great he-she" (makes me giggle)

4- Epiales: God of Nightmares (not really Egyptian, but I put him in there anyway. He can stand in for Isdes or Imiut)

5- Hapi: God of the Nile. He is usually blue, and provides eternal water and nourishment to the land of Egypt.

6- Tatenen: God of the Earth, Vegetation and Prosperity. Often green, with ram's horns.

There were many others, I just didn't have time to sketch them in. Well, you learn something new everyday.
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