Acantha and the Acanthus Picture

Due to the changes (title, theme, etc.) i did to the series
i decided to include not only the major myth characters but those who are not so famous or minors(nymphs,spirits, faeries etc.) in the mythologies around the world. Because of this, I'll extend the series which is supposed to be 10 parts. The series will still be featuring all-female characters.

This character is named Acantha which is from the greek word "Ἀκάνθα" litteraly means "thorny" in english. She was a nymph, a minor character in Greek mythology. She was loved by Apolo. Apolo once tried to rape Acantha but she fought back and skratched him in the face. Because of that, Apolo turned her into an acanthus plant. (my favourite plant)
this plant is popular in the Roman architecture today. According to Encyclopedia Mythica, she was the guardian spirit of the acanthus "tree" after being turned into the "sun-loving herb" upon her death.
Acantha's identity is further confused by the fact that the acanthus plant is not a tree, but a shrub or bush, and therefore is unlikely to have had a nymph associated with it. This may simply indicate that it was perceived to be a tree at the time the myth was created.

"Acantha and the Acanthus"
Watercolor,Coffee,Colored pencil on illustration board
Model: Marah
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