The Golden Hind Picture

It's about time I posted this.
My final project for Advanced 2D Computer Art: a 3-piece narration (tryptich). We could choose any story, myth, "plot", or make one up, as long as the 3 pieces were related somehow, or seemed to "flow" as a story. Me being a Greek mythology freak, I started thinking of myths I might be into. Then I remembered the Golden Hind. I started researching, and learned it could outrun any hunter, evade all arrows... So I had my "plot". Perfect, since I've gotten into deer.

The Golden Hind is a reindeer doe that Artemis, Greek Goddess of the hunt, tried to capture along with 4 other golden reindeer, to pull her chariot. It escaped, and no one was able to capture it.

I tried to make it seem like the reindeer might actually be made of gold. I was also somewhat mimicking the style of Nicholas Di Genova, the artist I was assigned to research. We were all supposed to look up an artist, and could use their style as influence for the triptych.

You may recognize the background to this. It's a deviation I uploaded previously, that I painted just for this purpose.
Download for larger size. (1400x700)
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