Almas de la Luna Picture

The fourth of fifteen images I did for Anime North 2008.

I have a special connection to this one for multiple reasons, and on multiple levels.
For starters, it’s a favorite pairing of mine.
Second, it’s also based of one of my favorite mythological stories (for those who don’t know, or haven’t read it before, the Aztec myth of Ocelotl and the Village girl [parrot queen]).
The third reason being how fluidly I painted this- practically without thinking- and how easily I painted it without any bad mistakes or moments of frustration.
And lastly, a whole scenario that surrounded the image- that related to very interesting events and freaky “coincidences” and occurrences. One of which having my [Aztec] medicine woman call me up from Mexico “coincidentally” on the next day.

Needless to say, this was one of 2 images that was not/is not up for sale as an original, but prints are available.

I still cannot begin to describe the ease and enlightening experience it was for me making this picture. Something I know for a fact I won’t ever forget, and something I will always have to share when in special gatherings.
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