This week I bring you yet another set of illustrations created for the website NORHALLA, depicting one of my passions: norse mythology.

As my keen followers will attest, I've always been a huge fan of the Old Gods of Valhalla and I have a lot of illustrations here in my Gallery to prove it (and more are coming!). But I believe these are my best interpretations to date. The brief was simple, mostly because I had to work with very few directions except in that I had to try and convey the original roots of the myths with my particular style.
Everything from the colors, to the atmosphere and details of the images are carefully planned and I hope my passion does indeed show.

In this particular pieces, we have the Guardian of the Bifröst himself, Heimdall and the Allfather's wife Frigga. Heimdall represents, personifies and is the source of what is known as evolution and science.
Frigga on the other hand represents and personifies femininity and the values of family and its responsibilities.

Hope you enjoy it and please visit the website if you can: www.norhalla.com/

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