AT: Selkie Princess Picture

According to mythology, selkies live their lives in the ocean as a seal, but shed their seal skins to walk on land as a human. Some stories tell of a man falling in love with a beautiful woman, just to find that the woman was a selkie and that she had left him to return to the ocean. Some tell of the man finding out the woman is a selkie beforehand, in which they will try to hide the pelt in order to keep the woman to themselves. In each story, the selkie will always desire to find their way back into the ocean, and in many cases, they find their pelt again and do just that.

Selkie Princess, like the myth, lives in her home as a seal, and visits land as a humanoid being. She's an adventurous free spirit who goes with the flow. She loves to travel and goes wherever the tide takes her. She's rather friendly, but avoids committing herself too much to anything.

After the Ice King's first attempt to steal her pelt, she now turns her skin into a sweater or jacket whenever she's on land to avoid having it taken from under her nose. The pelt can magically change in sizes to accommodate her needs.

Adventure Time © Pendleton Ward
Artwork and OC © Lauren Sparks

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