Deianeira Picture

Deianeira (dee yuh NY ruh) is from Greek mythology, the Second and last wife of Heracles (or to some, Hercules).

She was the one who was able to do what the most fearful giants and monsters were not able to do-- Kill Heracles. It was completely unintentional though, for she had been deceived by the centuar Nessus. As Nessus died from the poisoned bow of Heracles, he repented for attacking her at the stream, and told her that if Heracles ever showed that his love for her was waning, all she would have to do was dip his garment in Nessus' blood, and Heracles' love would completely return to her.

SOOOOOO!!! Being the completely intelligent and innocent girl that she was, she believed the EVIL centuar Nessus and actually stained Heracles' garment in his blood, because he had been showing interest in another woman. And, COMPLETELY against her intentions, he died a painful death, his flesh ripping and burning at contact with the centuar's poisoned blood.

And, legend has it, she commit suicide afterwards.

</end story>

You can tell my story was somewhat biased.. I mean.. really though, it's kinda common sense not to listen to your husband's enemy o.o; much less actually do what he told you to do.. o.o;

BUT STILL. ahahhaha, I liked this story for some reason, so I had to draw her. Even though it says she did it unintentionally, I drew her as if she did it not only in wanting her love returned, but also in revenge.. in an evil way xD Cuz to be honest, I didn't picture her to be an innocent little girl who wanted her husband's love back.. I dunno, it's hard to explain xD

SO. here she is. I used to like it after I painted it, but then, it's actually been a few weeks since then, and the mistakes keep popping out at me, like how unproportionate her head is to her upper body xD

But I liked how most of it came out, especially the vial and the bloodiness o.o;

art © me
Deianeira © ... Greek Myths?
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