Quetzalcoatl Picture

This is my version of Quetzalcoatl, "Feathered Serpent," a god worshiped in various forms in several different ancient Central American religions. I was intrigued by the deity, and decided to draw it to make a desktop background for myself. Feel free to use this as a desktop background, by the way.
Anyway, to make my Quetzalcoatl, I took a few elements from the myth/deity, and elements from the actual quetzal bird (go look it up, it's awesome! [link] And you'll see a few similarities between my Quetzalcoatl and the bird) and a few elements from my imagination.
The duck bill is also from descriptions in the books I researched Quetzalcoatl in, if you're wondering why that's there.

P.S. Here's a lovely group for mythological beasts like this one:
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