Nekhbet Picture

i did this with the joint intention of using it for Pallanoph's contest, and my college art unit!!

in art at college, i’m doing the topic “mythology and deformity”, with a focus on chimeras at the moment. SO i am drawing mythological beings as more kind of ‘veritable’ in terms of if they were natural beings or deformed people etc
but this is Nekhbet, an Egyptian vulture goddess, who is usually portrayed as an Egyptian vulture. Pallanoph's conest is partially about recreating a myth or mythological being, so i thought this was very convenient. 8 >

it's a little under A1, and i drew her with a 0.9 HB mechanical pencil, and the background with a mixture of a 2B graphite stick, and the mechanical pencil (because just the 2B would have looked really out of place and dark on its own)

this is a really blurry, bad photo ;___; i could try to take a better one tomorrow but i'm not sure if i'll have the chance
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