PN AU: I Am The Myth Picture

"Werewolf (we(ə)rˌwo͝olf) n. a mythological or folkloric human with the ability to shapeshift into a wolf or therianthropic hybrid wolf-like creature, either purposely or after being placed under a curse or affliction."


I don’t believe in myths. But I have to, because I am the myth itself

It was all started seven years ago, when my parents died because of a fatal road accident. I am the only one who survived from that tragedy. I lost my memory and only remembered my name. After that accident, I started to live in an orphanage nearby. One day, a man named Santiago adopted me and my life changed.

A month after that, Santiago asked me to accompany him to his hometown, Argentina. I nodded and went there with him merrily. When I arrived, a big carnival was held. As a 7-years-old girl, I begged Santiago to go there. He agreed and took me to the carnival.

Finally, we reached the carnival. We played so many games and ate cotton candy. After a while, we were so exhausted and tried to find a place to rest. When we were walking towards a small bistro, we passed through a flock of caravans. They belonged to the gypsies. Santiago pulled my hand, trying to protect me from the gypsies who tried offering stuffs and fortune telling services. But, his effort was useless. I was embraced by their strange mysterious aura.

A middle-aged woman pulled me to her caravan and asked me to sit in front of her. I nodded and she immediately gave me a deck of cards. “Shuffle it, please,” she said. I shuffled the cards and put them on the table. She took them and divided them into three piles of cards. “Choose one of the piles,” she ordered me. “This one,” I pointed the middle pile. She shuffled the cards and asked me to take three of them. I took three cards and gave them to her. She opened them and suddenly, her expression changed. Her smile faded into tense fear.

She pushed the cards gently towards me.
The first card was five of clubs.
The second card was ace of diamonds.
The third card was ace of spades.

“Five of clubs means new alliances will be made.
Ace of diamonds means your life will change.
Ace of spades means misfortune, sometimes associated with death or difficult ending.”

At that moment, I knew my life wouldn't be the same.

Here I am, a fifteen-years-old girl, standing in front of Cueva de las Manos. It is ten minutes to midnight, but I’m not sleepy at all. I feel some extra strength crawled into my body. But, in the exact moment, I am afraid.

Don’t be afraid, I talk to myself.

I am the seventh generation of Tau and Kerana.
I am the seventh and the last child of my family.
It’s my destiny. The prophecy said that. I am extraordinary.

“Happy birthday to me,” I said to myself and sobbed.

I imagined girls in this country celebrate Quinceañera when they are sixteen, except me.

I have to be one of them.

I have to lead them. They need a new leader

The moon had come out. It was big and beautiful and I could feel the light touched my skin, making my powers to reveal their color as amber color. I know it was the time. The pack had gathered around me.

I looked behind and saw the rest of the pack.

“Wish me luck,” I said and smiled.


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