Tiger Tiger burning bright Picture

The "Tiger!" Series
By Brad Carraway

Throughout mankind’s existence the tiger has fueled our most primal imaginations. They are the invincible stalkers of the forests, both beautiful and deadly. In our myths and legends they have served as both mankind’s ally and antagonist. The tiger has played a part in the mythology of nearly all of the indigenous cultures from the Asian continent, and the powerful imagery of this predator has permeated into the common psyche of mankind across the globe.

Tigers are one of the most easily recognized animals on the planet, yet in recent centuries they have been disappearing from our world at an alarming rate. Through over hunting, habitat destruction and poaching, the encroachment of man has pushed the whole species of tigers to the brink of extinction. Several species have already become extinct with others in extreme danger. Conservation steps are being taken to preserve the population left in the wild, but more needs to be done if there is to be a future in our world for these truly magnificent creatures. The “Tiger” Series is a celebration of the raw power, grace and majesty that is the tiger of our legends, as well as a call to keep the species from becoming nothing more than a myth.

In response to this call, a portion of the sales from this series will be donated to various conservation groups in support of their ongoing efforts in tiger conservation and educational programs in Asia and around the world.

Thank you for your support.

~ Brad
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