Osiris's Revival Picture

My interpretation of a famous Seth-vs-Osiris myth specially for the Egyptian myths contest at #Myths-and-Legends .

Because I've always been wondering just how Isis spent her time gathering the scattered parts of Osiris body, preserving them somewhere and then applying some street magic to the art of rejuvenation.

Moreover, we usually see them pictured nothing less than almighty Gods, but I wanted to depict the human part of their beings. Love, devotion, longing, devastation.

+ the matter of green skin as a result of such revival always made me curious - just how come it turned out like his. I still don't know, but green is such an enjoyable colour to draw.

And of course it's a wonderful opportunity to draw Osiris with long hair. And with blue eyes. No one can say they weren't, for nobody knows for sure.

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