Naori Myth 07: The Death of Jum Picture


So yeah, sorry for taking to long to update this. e____e I just kept getting busy. OTL

Things to Note:

1. Tuhk originally while having his bird form, is a True immortal God, just like Roht, and Dusai. Thus he has a human form as his main and original. However unlike Roht and Dusai, he has an alternate form, whic is what I post most often. Surprise. XD

2. Jum, she is not a true god. She is more like a demi god. You have Roht, Dusai and Tuhk, who are true immortal gods, Kuht and Aet which are very powerful gods, but are mortal in certain circumstances. Then you have Jum, who is a mortal being in most ways, a demi god would be a good word for her. She is still very tough to kill, so don't underestimate her. XD

3. The Soul and Heart connection is understood by Tuhk because he understands death. Darkness in the Naor world works like this. The heart contains the soul, and as you age, the bond weakens between them. The blood that passes through the heart carries the energy from the soul throughout the body and gives it life. As you age, that bond weakens and you get old and eventually, it's fragile enough to be broken by Mkeshu (who doesn't exist yet). For now, when something dies, its soul stays in the body and in time you'll see why that's bad. XD Later myths.

Hope this was interesting. More on the way soon!
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