Roommates 221 - Advice Picture

In which an uncommon relationship is commented on,


In which a mortal trolls the immortal.

I will be pleasantly but extremely surprised if anyone recognizes the new woman in the comic; this version of The Magic Flute, while fantastic, was apparently only released in region 2. But I prefer the book on this one, as it was in English, done by Stephen Fry, and did other cool things. For those not familiar with this version of Magic Flute, brief synopses are online, but we can leave it mostly at this: She did magic, her lover did not, and then they had an epic custody war that took an entire opera. (Worst synopsis ever.)

For those of you who are interested, James' mother is Irish (based largely on the fact that Jack Davenport's mother is Irish). While Irish myth does not exactly overlap with the Erlkonig's story, it does, however, produce a significant amount of material on dealing with the supernatural side.

Incidentally, I figure James gets all his vicious cunning from his mother, and his dogged stubbornness from his father, based largely upon what I saw in the Young Adventures of Jack Sparrow.

... Way too many artist's notes in this one.

Norrington belongs to Disney, Bruckheimer, and Davenport.
Mrs. N belongs to me, though I may regret that soon.
Erlkonig is a mythological figure and belongs to too many people to count.
Queen of the Night belongs to Mozart and Schikaneder(and this version, Branagh, Fry, and Petrova).
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