Gaea, Goddess of the Earth Picture

Here's a goddess that's been worshiped across many different ancient pantheons, including the Greek one. Gaea (sometimes spelled "Gaia,") was something of a background goddess in Greek Mythology. The only myth where she really plays a part is in the ancient Greek creation myth, where the world was formed when she married Uranus, god of the sky. Her body served as the great stage on which everything mortal & supernatural happened. I think she was also the mother of the Titans, but I'm not sure.

Ancient peoples worshiped "Mother Earth" or "the Earth Mother" (as she was sometimes known), as far back as the last Ice Age, when humans became intelligent enough to use their imaginations to come up with gods & spirits to explain the world around them.

Even today, there are still some cults among witches & Wicca that worship Mother Earth, although they aren't quite widespread like the major religions.

(Please excuse me if this isn't accurate. I don't know much about being a real witch, so that's all the info I got to go on).
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