Fox Fire Picture

Eeyup. -u-

I got this idea from an old Finnish "myth" or whatever you call them, about foxes being able to create Northern Lights, by swishing their tails through the snow.

That's why Northern Lights are called "Revontulet" in Finland, translated as "Fox Fire", so that's the reason of the name of this. <<

There's many other mythologies about foxes and other animals in Finnish myths, but this one's been stuck in my head for a long time, and that's how I got the idea to make this drawing. -3- An Arctic fox and Northern Lights yeeey~

Actually, I've made a few ones similar to this before when I was younger, but I really wanted to make a new one once again lol, so here ya go.

Hope ya like it!! ;A;

The whole drawing ©
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