Ducks at dawn Picture

Golducks are strong and loyal water pokemon. Unlike their prevos they are clear minded and take direction from trainers very well.

Thought to be the inspiration to the ancient mythological creature 'The Kappa' which to many scientists makes sense as records have been found that about 100 years ago the population of in land Golducks declined greatly, thought to be some kind of plague, meaning they could have been seen as Legendary pokemon and essentially mislabeled as 'Kappa'. However the population obviously rose again, thought to be the work of one of the last great emperors who took a strong liking to the pokemon.

The 'jewel' on its head is not actually a jewel at all but a hard amber resin similar to Persians. When it catches the light it can appear to glow, and is thought to make it appear to have one large red eye to predators in an attempt to scare them off when threatened. There is a myth that the 'jewel' enhances their psychic abilities but there is no hard proof this is true.

Golduck tend to mate for life and in some protected areas it is illegal to capture a wild Golduck as they become extremely depressed without their mate and find it difficult to survive in captivity. Their mates often die in the wild without the other. In the past this damaged countless breeding programs.
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