Lex-Wolfszeit Picture

Again something totally unplanned-it`s getting spooky.....(pics that are finished quickly and don`t look totally shitty? Draw by ME??)
Well....whatever: This picture is now also used as an enterbutton to the "Wolfszeit" ("wolftime") HP and maybe part of a portfolio set concerning my novel that I am still writing.

The writing says: "Wolftime-untill the world goes by"
Wolfszeit describes the time before the apocalyspe in northern mythology-and this is also the time our rp takes place and that is described in my story. The world the characters live in is dying, just as their species is.

reminds a bit on wolfs rain, i know, but it is based more on the old myths in general.

Part of the 100 drawing challenge: 31. Flowers

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