Sigyn meets Loki's Children Picture

I'm playing with styles for a series of Norse myth graphic novels I may illustrate later. It is very sketchy, the concept is random and the spelling and grammar is probably incorrect but it is just for laughs. Full-view this to read the text.

I'm trying to keep this series separate from the Marvel comics and Thor movie but Loki still vaguely resembles Tom Hiddleston because he embodies the character so well. However his hair is a bit more messy and curly (as is Tom's in real life) and if this were in colour it would probably be reddish. Poor Sigyn has a whole army of step children to contend with. Here is the 2nd 'comic' [link] .

For those unfamiliar with Norse mythology you can read about the children here [link] otherwise their names are below:

Eldest: Fenrir
Middle child: Jormungand
Youngest: Hel

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