Naori Myth 08: Jum, Turtle and Banishment Picture


1. So turtles are very important to the Naori. They were the first that gave life to Jum, even unwillingly though. In addition, they become the origins of humans later! Spoiler, but sorry. XD

2. Jum banishes herself because never before had killed another, other than Roht killing the first version he made of himself when he was trying to create a companion in Myth number one. So I guess Jum killing the turtle (though technically Tuhk killed it) makes her killer number two. She in the end blames herself because her body needs it to survive. She feels ashamed of this and so banishes herself away to the land below, which she named Naor.

3. The name of "Naor" supposedly comes from the word "nao" which means "three" in Naoru. Three is a very very sacred number and it is commonly used in Naori culture for that reason. It is believed the "r" was added because of Roht, his name starting with "r" as her way of owning him. Theoretically, the name "Naor" means "Three Rohts" which would be a compliment to him with the sacredness of threes. Though some Naori will tell you it means "Sacred Roht" the exact wording has never been agreed upon, even among natives.
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