Geb, god of the Earth Picture

If you didn't know I really like mythology, mostly Greek. However, before I got really into Greek I was really into
Egyptian. I really liked the gods and monsters, even though I had trouble with the consistency of myths and stories.
I also have been playing Smite. You have probably seen the adds because they're everywhere. And basically I felt
like drawing something mythology related and because Greek mythology and how characters are represented is
rather straightforward I felt like doing something more interpretational and I went to Egypt.

For Geb I decided to go with the theme that the most of the other Egyptian gods all share, and that is the animal/human hybrids. For Geb there was a slight problem in making his animal half because Geb's symbolic animal is usually/officially a Goose... yeah not really intimidating. However, he also has another symbolic animal which was the snake, and after googling I found some images which had Geb with the head of a cobra.
Another detail that should be pointed out is that in most images Geb is depicted lying under his wife Nut and the way he is positioned, he makes the shape of two mountains with his leg as one peak and his torso+head as the 2nd peak. Makes sense as the god of the Earth.

Plus the little name tag says Geb (according to Google) with Goose+Foot+Human.
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