Modern Myths 2nd Anniversary Picture

Once again, I have to put this here because I STILL can't get on Smackjeeves. x_x
Anyway, this month is the 2nd anniversary of my Greek mythology inspired web comic, Modern Myths! Here's Apollo & Artemis. My sister and I are verrryyy happy with how this came out. ^w^

I may not be able to access SJ, but I at least still have the link on my profile, so you can read it here!-->…
However, I will most likely be re-vamping the comic soon! (to be updated when I do have access to other internet sources that will let me on SJ).

And if any of my few readers actually do see this, I'm curious: When I re-vamp it, would you like me to leave the old one up? If not, or if no one answers, then the old pages will simply be replaced.

Happy 2nd Anniversary Modern Myths!
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