FENRIR - The Wolf Picture

Hi, dear watchers and watcherettes!

It's been a while since I posted anything new and with good reason; many deadlines, commisions and assorted business affairs took up all of my time until very recently. Luckily, many of those endeavors I might be able to show you, such as these made for the fine folks at Norhalla.

Continuing my illustrating the norse myths -which you've been hugely supportive of, thank you!-, it's about time we gave the dark powers some attention. I present you here with the The Wolf, the monster of the river Ván and killer of the Allfather himself during the last battle: Fenrir.
Continuing with the previous examples of Angrboda and Jormungandr, in the context of the illustrated books I'm working on, Fenrir is not the typical giant wolf, but rather a huge and dangerously sadistic warrior bent on crushing his enemies wherever they may hide. Following this idea, I made Fenrir carry lots of wolf symbolism as well as battle trophies and references to his mythological archetype such as his hanging chains and red eyes. Having previously illustrated many of the Aesir, I was challenged to do an adversary worthy of those depictions and I believe I've managed to make Fenrir look like the kind of man that would take on an army unscathed. I hope you agree!

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Hope you have a great week and thanks for watching!

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