Fenris and Roskva Picture

The little red riding hood of Norse Mythology, perhaps?

This is Röskva, one of the less well-known characters of the Nordic myths. She is a young human girl who lives in Asgard with the Gods. How she got there is unclear, and there are several different versions of how it happened. I like the one where Tor decides to bring Röskvas brother Tjalve along with him to Asgard, to be his servant and apprentice, and Röskva doesn't want to leave her brother so she hides in Tors carriage and comes along too.

And the wolf is of course Fenris, the well-known beast who is Lokis offspring. Fenris starts out as a normal sized wolf, but keeps on getting bigger and bigger. In Peter Madsens version of the myths Fenris and Röskva have a special bond, Röskva being the only one who is not afraid of Fenris but rather sees the beast as a big misunderstood puppy.

Gouache on watercolour paper.

In the poll on my profile page you guys have voted for more Pagan Goddesses and Gods in my gallery. I'm a bit stuck for inspiration- who shall I portray next? Any suggestions? I'm mainly interested in Norse and Celtic Paganism, but any suggestions are welcome!

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