Sun Dragon Picture

Download for more detail!

Done with watercolor paint on a very large piece of paper. I'm not sure exactly how long I spent on it, but it was a large chunk of the day, with breaks to play age of mythology (Fun and addicting cheap game!) when I was waiting for washes to dry.

I am really super proud of this, I haven't really done much watercolor work, and especcially not with this much detail, but I am super happy with how it turned out.

I came up with a bit of a myth/story to go with it (I love coming up with fantasy type ways to describe things like the sun, and dragons are my favorite way to do so. it's just really fun to come up with ways to describe something in a way people might have before science came around)

The dragongives off a dazzling light, and as it flies across the sky it continually wraps and curls around itself so that the light is more concentrated. The only time you can see its true darker colors is at sunset when it lands on the earth to rest, and at sunrise when it takes off again.

(I have this thought out in waaaay more detail, I'm just far too lazy to write it out, and that would take up too much space and probably bore all of you anyway! XD )
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